Customer Testimonials

Read what some of our customers are saying about Beer30!

  • Crisis Brewing

    Beer30 provides the type of integrated brewery management platform that has helped streamline every aspect of my operations. The interface is well constructed and intuitive to use. The snapshots of batch progress provide immediate information at my fingertips. The version tracking of recipes, the inventory management, yeast generation tracking, the automated generation of the BRO and sensory evaluation have simplified and elevated the quality of my operation. As a small brewery owner, this is like having an extra person on staff and frees more of my time to focus on beer quality and customer service. Pulkit and the team have provided an incredibly responsive level of service and coupled with their near real time updating, makes it feel like the software is customized for me!"

    Crisis Brewing
    (Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA)
    Sean Slape, Founder
  • Aether Brewing

    We have grown our business in leaps and bound since launching the brewpub two and a half years ago. Back then we only had an annual production of 45,000 litres a year. Since opening the production facility in Dec 2018 and increasing production several times over we realised very quickly that we needed a system to help and support us. We could no longer run inventory in our heads, keep up with distribution plus meet all the quality aspects of brewing consistently. We looked around a lot, and finally we were introduced to Beer30. From the moment we saw it and had a look through, we loved the system. Its brewery side features are brilliant, intuitive and comprehensive. The brewing page is clean, easy and pushes us for all the brew specifications we defined which means more testing, more critical specifications met and more consistency in our product. What really blew us away was the speed of implementation. 24 hours from decision to go with Beer30 and we had loaded our inventory, stock, what was in our tanks and set up for packaging. Then 36 hours after decision, we were brewing with the support of Beer30. We are very excited about the upcoming distribution releases which will see broadened functionality and streamlining to take a bit more of the load off our team. It’s a great system, with great support and an exciting future, we are very glad we are onboard!"

    Aether Brewing
    (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
    Dave Ward, Co-Owner / Head Brewer
  • Smog City Brewing

    Beer30 has been integral in getting all of our brewery data into one location that we are able to reference quickly. From raw materials and the brewing process, through finished goods and packaging, Beer30 provides the real-time information that is needed to make decisions and keep the beer flowing!"

    Smog City Brewing
    (Torrance, California, USA)
    Jonathan Porter, Owner / Brewer
    & Ryan Trousdale, Director of Operations
  • ONCO Fermentations

    ONCO Fermentations is excited to be the first NY brewery to sign on with The 5th Ingredient for all our brewery process, inventory, and analysis needs. We evaluated a lot of programs and this one hit all the buttons. Key to us was inventory tracking and charts comparing batches, sensory recording, barrel aging inventory, distribution logs with maps, and more. The ease of use and hands on guidance, training, continuous updates based on client feedback, and support by this company has blown us away. Check them out and visit them at the Craft Brewers Conference!!"

    ONCO Fermentations, Inc.
    (Tully, New York, USA)
    Erin Bullard, Founder
    & Brian Bullard, Founder
  • Protector Brewery

    "For us, the Beer30 software is a powerful tool for distribution, processing, and reporting. Key benefits have been keeping track of our kegs, tracing batches back to lot numbers, and quickly doing our TTB reports. When it comes to being an organic brewery, accurate reporting is extremely important and Beer30 has been a huge help in that process."

    Protector Brewery
    (San Diego, California, USA)
    Sean Haggerty, Founder & President
  • Latchkey Brew

    Beer30 is a new approach to software, designed for a new approach to making beer and running a brewery. Over the past year, Beer30 has grown up with us. While it currently provides us with about 75% of what we need, it is far and above any other option on the market and continues to evolve. Originally just used as a Brewing log, we now use it in every aspect of our business, from taproom to distribution, to brewing and production. Additionally, as we encounter new needs for the app, the team is quick to respond and release new features to support our needs."

    Latchkey Brewing
    (San Diego, California, USA)
    Matt West, Co-Founder
    & Gerald Dollente, Co-Founder
  • Slow Pour Brewing Company

    "We found that Pulkit and his team have been very receptive about new ideas and upgrades for the software. We don’t use The 5th Ingredient for accounting. We primarily purchased the application as I wanted better visibility into what our inventory was. It has provided me the ability to look at inventory when I am away from the brewery so that I can better tell my distribution partners what I have available for them to purchase. It is also giving me the ability to manage the inventory for a tasting room as well. We are able to put in all of our beer recipes into the application as well as our inventory for grain and hops. When we brew now, it will subtract our grain and hops inventory, as based on the recipe from what we have on hand. It also allows us to see what’s in every tank that we currently have. We have a 10 barrel brewhouse, a 20 barrel bright tank, 5-30 barrel fermenters, 2-20 barrel fermenters, and a 10 barrel fermenter. With so much going on with brewing operations, it’s giving us visibility into what we have in every tank at any point in time. It also allows me to schedule out tasks for my team for the upcoming week. I get notifications via text and email as tasks are completed based on settings that I have provided. I’ve also given an account to each of my sales team so that they can login and see what we currently have available for distribution sales as well. This has allowed them to be more agile been in the field dealing with accounts and being able to tell them that they can have Brand XYZ. We operated for a year and a half without the software and I wish we had purchased this a lot sooner."

    Slow Pour Brewing Company
    (Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA)
    John Reynolds, Founding Partner