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The 5th Ingredient wants to help provide as many resources, as possible, for all new clients. Here is a list of commonly asked questions. If there is a question that hasn't been addressed, please reach out to us below:

What is "The 5th Ingredient"?

The four main ingredients in beer are water, malt, hops, and yeast. The 5th Ingredient, as important as the other four, is Data. More company information can be found on our About page.

What is "Beer30"?

Beer30, is a proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), that helps breweries improve quality and efficiency with their brewing operations by replacing paper logs, spreadsheets, and whiteboards, with tools for predictive, proactive, process improvement. Download our Beer30 v5.0 (April 2019) brochure now!

Where can I find product literature regarding Beer30?

If you go to the Software page, you will see a detailed listing of the features.

Do you have enlarged product screenshots of Beer30?

We’ve found that screenshots rarely convey the whole offering and, as a company, we believe the live demo provides customers with the full breadth of the software.

What are the product component details of Beer30?

The current core modules are: Brew, Ferment, Filter, BBT, Package, Yeast Management, Inventory for Grains / Hops / Adjuncts, Packaging Inventory for Kegging, Bottling, Canning, Purchase Orders, Distribution, Real-time text / email notifications, Sensory data, Batch history from 'grain-to-glass', Recipe Management, and Real-time graphs for any process data entered into the system. And this list is constantly increasing! We welcome all feedback for any new product modules.

How is the data being inputted into Beer30?

The data is being entered entirely by operators.

How does Beer30 interface with our existing Programmable Logic Circuits and HMIs?

Beer30 currently operates as a standalone product. (Although integrations are possible for future versions and we welcome all feedback as to what would assist you the most).

Which operating systems does Beer30 support?

Beer30 works on all OS (Macs / Windows OS; iOS, Android, Windows phones) and all browsers (Safari / Chrome / Firefox / IE).

Which software platform does Beer30 run on?

Beer30 runs on Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk, which is based on the Linux architecture.

What database does Beer30 use and how large is it?

Beer30 runs on an AWS Relational Database Structure, and our usage is with MySQL. And since it is hosted on Amazon Web Services it can be as large as your brewery needs it to be. To put into context of potential sizes, a few of the companies which use the Amazon Web Services platform include: Adobe, AirBnb, Autodesk, Comcast, GE, NASA, Netflix, Schneider Electric, Samsung, Siemens, Slack, Sony, Ticketmaster, and Yelp.

How secure is the data on Beer30?

All data is encrypted, using SHA-256RSA https certificates.

How many users can access Beer30 at once?

Unlimited! We want each operator and owner to have their own account login. We believe in having full transparency and have found that a brewery functions better with Beer30 if everyone's actions are being tracked individually.

How much does Beer30 cost a month?

Beer30's pricing is based on a brewery's yearly BBL output and additional modules selected. Please contact us for a more detailed quote.

This all sounds great! How do I start?

Get started today! As part of our Beer30-for-30 program, we will provide you with a 1-hour demo, get your team onboarded within 2-hours, and your first 30-days will include 4 one-hour weekly consultations to continue to train your team. Please contact us for a more detailed quote.

How long will it take for you to set up Beer30 at my brewery?

From prior experience, we can have a brewery setup within 10 minutes; and then spend a few hours spent on operator training!

What type of Project Consulting can The 5th Ingredient do?

More details regarding past projects can be found on our Consulting page.