Consulting Projects

We're here to Help

The 5th Ingredient provides consultation services to breweries, including the following processes:

Project Types:

  • Packaging Equipment: Keglines
  • Rotech Keg Data
  • Nitrogen Beer Production: including fermentation, filtration, Nitrogen Bottling, and Nitrogen Kegging
  • Laboratory Data Analysis related to: Carbonation and Dissolved Oxygen, Anton-Paar CBox, Pentair Digital Gehaltemeter
  • Brewery Waste Water Systems
  • Coldbox Storage and Dry Storage Optimization
  • Water Purification / RO Systems
  • Self-Distribution Strategy for Growth: On-premise and Off-premise
  • Sales / Marketing: Brand Growth and Recognition

If there is a project that you need help with listed above, or even one that isn't covered in the list above, please reach out to us for a free consultation!


We are also happy to make introduction to Vendors of the following companies: Rotech, Profamo, Lambrechts, Olis, Sigrist, Totally Natural Solutions, Madison Chemical, Loeffler Chemical, Birko Chemical, Micromatics, Hoppy Beer Gear, Stratus10 Web Services!