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Beer30 by The 5th Ingredient

Brew More. Brew Better. #Beer30

Beer30 is designed to help breweries track data from grain-to-glass. With our modular approach, each team member can focus on using Beer30 - ranging from inventory management, to brew log & fermentation data, to finished good inventory, and sales & distribution.

By removing the paper logs that go into daily data tracking like brew sheets and fermentation profiles, you can enter in process data real-time on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop, and #BrewBetterBeer.

With our integration with Xero and QuickBooks Online, our customers are saving hours weekly when it comes to syncing their invoices and making their balance sheets and ledgers accurate.

By assessing the true cost per can, bottle, or keg of beer, you will be able to better understand your overall margins and make real-time business decisions to help your brewery #BrewMoreBeer.


Beer30 is customized to fit your brewery's needs. Choose the features that your brewery needs most, and add/remove features at any time.
Beer30 works on all devices
Beer30 Covers:
  • Scheduling & Tasks
  • Tank Management
  • Raw Material Inventory
  • Yeast Management
  • Brew Process
  • Fermentation Analysis
  • Sensory & Quality
  • Packaging Supplies
  • Packaging Downtime
  • Barrel Aging
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Coldbox Inventory
  • Keg Tracking
  • Lot Traceability
  • Batch History & Costs
  • Data Charts & Reports
  • Contact Manager
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Accounting Integrations
  • Custom Data Fields
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Coldbox Inventory
  • Keg Tracking
  • Lot Traceability
  • Batch History & Costs
  • Data Charts & Reports
  • Contact Manager
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Accounting Integrations
  • Custom Data Fields
...and more.


What our customers are saying

Eddyline Brewery NZ

The NZ excise tax reporting is cumbersome and expensive. Now instead of spending 3-4 long days tracking sales and correlating each sale to the ABV and volumes it is literally a 2 click process and more importantly our confidence level is very high that there are ZERO ERRORS! The cost savings is realized by labor savings alone.[Read More]

Mic Heynekamp, Owner
Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand
Exile Brewing

Beer30 has helped us minimize spreadsheets, paperwork & redundant data entry while increasing data accuracy, lot traceability and accountability. The handshake between operations and finances also gives us the ability to pinpoint inefficiencies and effectively address them. Beer30 continues to positively influence operations in our brew house, cellar, lab, packaging floor and finance department.” [Read More]

RJ Tursi, Founder & CEO
& Exile, Team
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Silver Branch Brewing

Switching from Ekos to Beer30 has been a no-brainer for us. The ability to see a development roadmap and get really active support has been a game changer... Very cool stuff. Finally, a brewing software that we're excited about! [Read More]

Brett A. Robison, Co-founder & COO
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Red Crow Brewing Company

We had used or tested out several other management programs but none of them checked all of the boxes that we were looking for. Beer30 has allowed us to focus on our processes and then be able to overlay them to ensure we are getting as consistent a product as possible.[Read More]

Chris Roberts, Co-Founder & Head Brewer
Olathe, Kansas, USA
Aether Brewing

... What really blew us away was the speed of implementation. 24 hours from decision to go with Beer30 and we had loaded our inventory, stock, what was in our tanks and set up for packaging. Then 36 hours after decision, we were brewing with the support of Beer30.” [Read More]

Dave Ward, Co-Owner & Head Brewer
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Pelican Brewing

Pelican Brewing is fortunate to be growing rapidly. This growth has stressed systems that historically provided visibility of liquid staging & migration… We still handle inventory, invoicing, and accounting function through an MRP/ERP. We completely decouple batches from the MRP, track essential data through Beer30, then send finished goods back to the MRP. It’s easy to do, with far fewer keystrokes. [Read More]

Martin G. Bills, Director of Brewing Operations
& Jason Schlebach, Brewery Manager
Tillamook, Oregon, USA
Latchkey Brewing

Beer30 is a new approach to software, designed for a new approach to making beer and running a brewery. Over the past year, Beer30 has grown up with us. Originally just used as a Brewing log, we now use it in every aspect of our business, from taproom to distribution, to brewing and production.[Read More]

Matt West, Co-Founder
& Gerald Dollente, Co-Founder
San Diego, California, USA
ONCO Fermentations, Inc.

ONCO Fermentations is excited to be the first NY brewery to sign on with The 5th Ingredient for all our brewery process, inventory, and analysis needs. We evaluated a lot of programs and this one hit all the buttons. The ease of use and hands on guidance, training, continuous updates based on client feedback, and support by this company has blown us away.[Read More]

Erin Bullard & Brian Bullard, Founders
Tully, New York, USA
Chandlers Ford Brewing

The startup for Beer30 was pretty seamless for me. An easy walk through with PK on the demo was enough to feel confident I could operate the software. I love the depth of data that I can provide at my own discretion on a recipe. The flow of materials and process is super simple and makes tracking a breeze. A few brews in and I was very familiar with how things move throughout the system. ” [Read More]

Doug Tibbs, Owner
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Black Hops Brewery

... we found the software to be brilliant at Beer production and the features that required further development were implemented extremely quickly and professionally by the super responsive and helpful Beer30 team. Highly recommended!![Read More]

Dan Norris, Co-founder& CEO
Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia
Currumbin Valley Brewing

Beer30 is a great all round tool for any brewery operator. The customer service is next level. The app is constantly being upgraded with features. I feel like we are only using it to a small amount of its potential, it has so much to offer. It seriously is an "all-in-one" brewery software kit. Currumbin Valley Brewing loves it” [Read More]

"Smokey" Pete Wheldon, Co-Founder
Currumbin Valley, Queensland, Australia
Your Mates Brewing Co.

Beer30 has taken our production to the next level. At Your Mates Brewing Co, we tried unsuccessfully to onboard with other inventory systems due to long winded on-boarding processes. After making the decision, we had on boarded and were brewing within two days and haven't skipped a beat since. [Read More]

Christen McGarry, Owner
Warana, Queensland, Australia
Corazón de Malta SA de CV

When trying Beer30 we realized that in just 1 day we had put all our tanks, recipes, customers, etc. And we said this is the program we were looking for! Today, I know exactly how much raw material and how much beer (in tanks, BT, Bottles, Kegs...) I have in the brewery, and I know exactly the cost of each thing. In conclusion, I have not used Excel, nor the calculator since we started with Beer30, everything is there, all in one place![Read More]

Germán Schilman, Owner
Jalisco, Mexico
Smog City Brewing

... From raw materials and the brewing process, through finished goods and packaging, Beer30 provides the real-time information that is needed to make decisions and keep the beer flowing!” [Read More]

Jonathan Porter, Owner / Brewer
Torrance, California, USA
Boiling Pot Brewing

Beer30 has been instrumental to our brewery by allowing us to implement processes in a much faster and more convenient way than our previous manual system. Being able to integrate with our accounting software (Xero) has been a godsend for our accounts department! Highly recommend this software!” [Read More]

John Scott Madill, Owner
Noosaville, Queensland, Australia
Protector Brewery

For us, the Beer30 software is a powerful tool for distribution, processing, and reporting. Key benefits have been keeping track of our kegs, tracing batches back to lot numbers, and quickly doing our TTB reports. When it comes to being an organic brewery, accurate reporting is extremely important and Beer30 has been a huge help in that process.” [Read More]

Sean Haggerty, Founder & President
San Diego, California, USA
Pals Brewing Company

What I love about Beer30 is the ability to graph any data from a single brand across multiple batches with just a few mouse clicks. It also saves me countless trips to the file cabinet when I’m doing my month end beer costs and inventories. I can’t imagine going back to paper and spreadsheets.” [Read More]

Paul Oettinger, Head of Manufacturing & QA
North Platte, Nebraska, USA
Dr Hops Kombucha Beer

Bucha30 was a real game changer for our business. Having the history of that continuous brew right there, being tracked at all times is invaluable. I can see every action that’s been done with it and the information is easy to read. ...There really isn’t anything that can replace the value of this kind of service.[Read More]

Tommy Weaver, Co-Founder & Brewmaster
San Leandro, California, USA
Market Garden Brewery

As soon as I discovered the capabilities of Beer30 ... it was a no brainer to switch over from Orchestrated Beer. After only a few short weeks we began to see cost savings in time and materials from this cloud based solution. The process insights have empowered our entire team ... to grow our business and profitability.[Read More]

Mike Foran, Co-Founder & COO
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Slow Pour Brewing Company

With so much going on with brewing operations, it’s giving us visibility into what we have in every tank at any point in time. I get notifications via text and email as tasks are completed based on settings that I have provided. We operated for a year and a half without the software and I wish we had purchased this a lot sooner.[Read More]

John Reynolds, Founding Partner
Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

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Sync Beer30 with Xero and QuickBooks Online for contacts, sales orders / tax invoices, and purchase orders.
Track all cask data individually with beer, adjuncts, and microflora additions. Then, view notes and historical reports to see what happened in every cask that lead to that magical barrel aged blend.
Want to see how much that batch of beer cost? Run reports on exact dollar values for each brand and batch.
Easily reference full histories for batch comparison, from grain-to-glass.
Are your daily gravities, temperatures, and overall times on par? Recognize issues before they become problems by graphing all process data.
Track your relationships with accounts, vendors, and distributors. Record notes, actions, and metrics.
See all of your data in one place! Task management, brew-filter-pack analytics, daily fermentation profiles, and instant tank snapshots from anywhere in the world.
Know the history of everything in a specific keg and track individual keg locations using keg serial numbers.
While brewing, pick the exact lot for each ingredient, to help evaluate losses, landed costs, and analytical quality.
Subscribe to real-time text and email alerts to keep you updated & aware of everything happening at your brewery!
Know exactly which packaging machines are stealing your minutes and efficiency.
Do you have the right inventory to package what you need? Track depletions, losses, and costs for bottles, cans, and kegs to know what you have on hand.
Tired of inefficiencies from paper logs, spreadsheets, or multiple systems of information? Track all Brew, Ferment, Filter, BBT, and Package data. From any device. All in one place.
Track ingredient availability for grains, hops, and adjuncts.
Calculate USA’s Brewer's Report of Operations and Australian Excise Tax in 2-clicks!
Which of your accounts are the hottest and which are slowing down? Run analytic reports on accounts by sales orders, price sheets, and account information.
Ditch the whiteboard. Optimize your brew schedule, tank usage, & plan out future brews. It's at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.
Evaluate your beer across custom lab quality metrics, track CIP logs, graph sensory attributes on a flavor wheel, and assess beer true-to-brand profiles.
Is your yeast healthy to brew? Create yeast genealogy trees to track yeast that is new, pitched, harvested, and propagated.
i.e. Best days/times, timezone, areas of interest