What is The 5th Ingredient?

Those with a taste and a mind for beer will already know of its four key ingredients: water, malt, hops, and yeast. There is, however, an equally as important, fifth ingredient, which is crucial for breweries in taking their practices and results to the next level - data.

The 5th Ingredient helps breweries collect and utilize their data for proactive, predictive, process improvement. Their flagship product is Beer30™, a proprietary Software-as-a-Service, which allows a brewery to track data from grain-to-glass.

The 5th Ingredient was founded in San Diego, California in October 2017 by Pulkit K. Agrawal (PKA). PKA graduated from Harvard College and began working in the beer industry as a Process Engineer at Ballast Point Brewing, where he focused on packaging lines and nitrogen beer.

Afterwards, PKA began consulting for breweries and during this time he saw a clear need in the market for a software system that would track all brewery data from start-to-finish, with a particular focus on the brewer and process data. He launched the Beer30 system in January 2018, and it has scaled since.

In June 2018, Ryan E. Allis joined the team as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. Ryan possesses a Master of Science in Bioinformatics from Indiana University, and coupled with his sales and distribution role at The Fat Cat Beer Company and Protector Brewery, his expertise has been crucial in taking Beer30 to the next level.

Together, PKA and RAllis have led a team to further enhance and grow the Beer30 platform, which continues to assist breweries along the relentless pursuit of improvement.


Pulkit K. Agrawal

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

pka@the5thingredient.com LinkedIn

Ryan Allis

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

rallis@the5thingredient.com LinkedIn

Business Development

Chris Dawson

Business Development Manager

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Brand Ambassadors

Chris Nimptsch

Brand Ambassador (Profamo)

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Steve "Hendo" Henderson

Brand Ambassador (Rockstar Brewer)

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