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Data Management

Last Update: FEBRUARY 20, 2020

Proactive. Predictive.

Process Improvement.

The 5th Ingredient (T5I) assists breweries along the relentless pursuit of improvement.

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Key Benefits

Remove the old-school methods of paper logs, whiteboards, and spreadsheets from your brewery, and use an all-in-one tool focused on:


With real-time alerts, take action to fix issues that would cause you to destroy a batch of beer.


Ensure consistent quality by comparing data from previous batches to predict how your next batch will taste.

Process Improvement

Save costs by tackling inefficiencies in your operations and downtime.

Key Features:

The 5th Ingredient's Beer30 is a proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that allows operators and managers to track all batch data from grain-to-glass.

Download our Beer30 v6.0 (Sept 2019) brochure now!

Instantly see an overview of your brewery data & snapshots of your tanks from anywhere in the world.

Tank Scheduling

Ditch the whiteboard. Optimize your brew schedule, tank usage, & projections. Anytime. Anywhere.


Always know what you have on hand! Track inventory levels, view depletion events, evaluate losses & analyze lot traceability for grains, hops, adjuncts, bottles, cans, and kegs.

Brew Process

Tired of the paper logs or multiple systems of information?  Use your smartphone to track all Brew, Ferment, Filter, BBT, Package, Yeast data.

Keg Tracking

Which retail accounts currently have your kegs?  Let Google Maps show you with Distribution and Keg Tracking!


Want to know what just happened at your brewery?  Get raw data at your fingertips with real-time texts and emails, for peace of mind.


Do you have the best taste buds at your brewery?  Confirm it! Have employees rate your beer on a flavor wheel.

Packaging Lines

Packaging downtime woes?  Now, you can know exactly which packaging machines are stealing your minutes.

Barrel Aging

Track individual cask data with beer, adjuncts, and microflora additions. View notes and historical reports for every cask that lead to that magical barrel aged blend!


Are your daily gravities and overall times on par?  Recognize issues before they become problems by graphing all process data.


Did that last batch taste a bit funny?  Easily reference full histories for batch comparison, from grain-to-glass.


Want to see how much that batch of beer cost? Run reports on losses, efficiencies, and batch specific overhead.


Get started today! As part of our Beer30-for-30 program, we will provide you with a 1-hour demo, get your team onboarded within 2-hours, and your first 30-days will include 4 one-hour weekly consultations to continue to train your team!